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Jianye Textile is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta where the economy is booming. It is located in Zhangye, Foshan, a "famous knitted town in China".

Jianye's production has always been guided by customer needs. Starting from product design, it runs through the entire process of raw material procurement, germ weaving, printing and dyeing processing, QC testing, document shipping, and logistics and distribution, and one-stop fast delivery. With production chain optimization as its purpose and quick response as its core, it strives to provide customers with fabric solutions at the lowest cost.

Jianye manufactures weaving, printing and dyeing and supporting equipment, and has a stable production team to ensure product quality; diversified processes and unique weaving increase the popular value of fabrics; innovative fabric development and fashionable pattern design Ensure that the product always leads the market. We can customize the development of medium and high-grade weft knitting needles, knitted dyeing, knitted jacquard, knitted printed fabrics.

Jianye Production has always been committed to optimizing and innovating production processes, improving product quality and added value to meet the changing needs and tastes of consumers.

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Phone: 0757-82515521 0757-82518783
Fax: 0757-82515522
Email: manager@raksale.com
Address: No. 38 West Langbao Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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