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Based on the company's strong design, R & D, production, manufacturing, quality control and supply chain integration capabilities, Jianye Textile's Domestic Trade Department has become a clothing brand partner through the team's hard work for many years.
Home Products
Our business development team comes to our customers to showcase our products and handle customer complaints in a timely manner. When new products come out, we will interview customers and communicate with them in detail, so that customers can better understand our products, we better understand the needs of customers, make products and requirements meet Our clothing fabrics interpret the styles of our customers. Provide customers with popular clothing trends, and provide physical sample display.
Sample development and design
According to the customer's requirements for patterns, base fabrics and colors, we can provide custom-made services. Customers can choose colors and base fabrics, and we will fully meet their needs. In addition, we can also provide unique personalized product designs according to customers 'product development intentions to meet customers' individual needs.
Customized production process
Our R & D team can conduct forward-looking product development based on market conditions. At the same time, we will adjust the product structure in a timely manner according to different fashion trends in different seasons, keep pace with the times, and let innovation and quality go hand in hand and complement each other.
Information-based order communication
In order to adapt to the rapid changes in fashion trends, we have established a rapid response mechanism. With information technology as the means and order information flow as the center, we gradually realized zero-distance communication with customers. Innovations in management models and changes in business processes have enabled us to quickly obtain customer orders and shorten the sales cycle, thereby improving our sales performance and customer satisfaction.
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