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Jianye Printing takes innovation and fashion as its tenet, and always adheres to a product line that combines novelty and market demand, and keeps up with the fashion trends in Paris, Tokyo and South Korea. Jianye Printing researches and develops patterns based on the changes of the four seasons. It guides the market with a speed of more than 2,000 new patterns per month and tens of thousands of colors. For the brand market, customer demand is the main, leading pattern design; for the European and American markets, it is based on customer preferences, leading the pattern design; for domestic clothing customers, the theme of the season is leading the pattern design.

The technique of printing gold, bronzing and foaming on the traditional printing process uses unique ingenuity to highlight the three-dimensional impression of the pattern. The use of computer technology in modern printing and the use of digital inkjet printing technology to develop personalized art fabrics have the advantages of fast response, free creativity, no need to make plates, and realistic graphics, and are favored by customers.

Jianye Printing has been developing core fabrics for more than a decade, and has mastered all the weaving technologies breakthroughly. Whether it is warp knitting, weft knitting, or woven weaving, we have independent research and development, independent production and other unique technologies. Entered the market with 200 new cloths per season and has independent intellectual property rights.

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