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Jianye Textile adheres to the "people-oriented" strategy of excellence and regards each employee as a valuable resource for the company. The company implements fair, open and just humanized management to provide each employee with broad development space and tailor-made learning. Growth plan; due to business development needs, we are looking for the following positions:

[Job One] Fabric Business Manager / Sales Manager
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Organize and implement the overall development plan and work goals of the company's operation management to ensure that the company's operating responsibility indicators are completed;
2. Open up new markets and new customers, maintain and develop customer relationships;
3. Use funds rationally, speed up the turnover rate of funds, and ensure the normal recovery of project returns and invoices every month;
4. Organize market surveys and business analysis, and regularly feedback the area information in charge to the company to understand customer needs and market trends;
5. Grasp the main thought trends of employees, advocate team innovation and team spirit, and organize business training for employees in this department;
6, complete other tasks arranged by the superior.

【job requirements】
1. No restrictions on men and women, college education or above, good appearance, good health, working experience in the textile industry for more than 3 years;
2. Have a good analytical ability and market development ability, and be good at grasping customer needs and market opportunities;
3. Proficient in using office automation equipment and office software, and have considerable comprehensive computer skills;
4, have strong communication skills, anti-stress and ability to solve problems;
5. Master textile professional knowledge, familiar with the characteristics of fashion knitted products, and give priority to.

[Post 2] Fabrics Foreign Trade Supervisor / Trading Supervisor
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Develop international market business, sign order contracts, and complete expected sales targets;
2.Complete customer information entry, perform customer maintenance, track and resolve problems;
3. Grasp the production progress of department orders, handle product complaints and discounts;
4. Update and maintain the organizational structure of the department, optimize the team, and match performance with staffing;
5. Control expenses, reduce waste, and effectively use company resources;
6, complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

【job requirements】
1. College degree or above, fluent in spoken and written English;
2. Have more than 3 years of work experience in this industry and more than 2 years of actual team management experience;
3. Have strong team awareness and passion for work;
4. Strong communication and expression skills;
5. Able to withstand working pressure;
6, with training and leadership skills;
7. Have good professional ethics.

[Position 3] Foreign trade salesman / International trade commissioner
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Develop new customers, maintain old customers, do customer reception, analysis, etc.
2. Record daily customer follow-up;
3. Track the customer's information feedback on the product and collect the customer's demand for fabric information;
4. Negotiate details with customers, sign formal contracts, collect deposits, and avoid order risks;
5. According to customer requirements, arrange production, follow up orders, control delivery, arrange bookings, and send ship samples to customers for approval in time;
6. Recover the balance, arrange shipment, customs clearance information, follow-up and service related matters.

【job requirements】
1. College degree or above, major in international economics and trade or business English, English level 6 and above;
2. 1-2 years working experience in foreign trade, import and export trade;
3. Good communication and coordination ability, able to bear work pressure and strong sense of responsibility;
4. Fluent in spoken English.

[Position 4] Fabric Salesman / Sales Representative
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Understand customer needs through on-site visits, emails, telephones and other channels to complete the sales goals set by the company;
2. Regularly recommend the company's new products to customers, and timely report the customer's product orientation information to the company to ensure the continuity of orders;
3. Follow up the production progress of customer orders and timely feedback to customers on problems in the production process to ensure that the orders are delivered on time;
4. Regarding customers' complaints about product quality, it is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the complaints on the spot, and timely report the problems to the company, maintain customer relationships, and ensure the company's interests;
5, can adapt to field and business trips;
6, complete other tasks arranged by the superior;
【job requirements】
1. No restrictions on men and women, college education or above, with clothing or textile industry follow-up, sales experience is preferred;
2. Have a good analytical ability and market development ability, and be good at grasping customer needs and market opportunities;
3. Skilled computer operation; careful work, strong pressure resistance and strong sense of responsibility;
4. Have a team spirit; work in an organized manner with clear thinking; have good professional ethics.

[Job five] Sales order / business order
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Assist in the fulfillment of sales orders;
2.Follow up the business process from sample to large goods, including sample adjustment, order placement, follow-up progress, and shipment arrangement, etc., to ensure that the order is completed within the contract time limit
4. Familiar with system operation, fill and follow up related system documents before, during and after order;
3. Follow up the production progress and timely feedback the problems encountered in the order follow-up process to ensure the quality of the order and delivery time;
5. Assist in the daily work of the department.

【job requirements】
1. College degree or above, more than 1 year of relevant work experience, proficient in using office software, and adapt to system operation;
2. Careful and meticulous work, proactive, good coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit;
3. Good learning and adaptability, able to withstand stress and self-motivate.

[Position 6] Personnel Supervisor / Recruitment Supervisor (Working Location: Guangzhou)
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Overall planning for recruitment, responsible for the recruitment, configuration and planning of job requirements;
2. Responsible for the development, maintenance and optimization of recruitment channels, and make full use of various recruitment channels to meet the company's talent needs;
3. Have rich practical experience in talent discovery, introduction, appointment, adjustment, etc., and continuously improve work efficiency;
4, timely and accurate processing of resume information from various channels, make reasonable judgments and evaluations of candidates;
5. Establish and improve recruitment operation processes, systems and systems;
6. Maintain the company's talent pool and complete the interview evaluation form, recruitment analysis report and other reports in a timely manner;
7. Maintain good communication relationship with various cooperation departments and organize employee interviews (regular, change, resignation, etc.);
8. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.
【job requirements】
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources, psychology, management, or international trade is preferred;
2. Have more than 2 years of full-time recruitment experience in medium and large enterprises;
3. Familiar with national labor regulations and human resources related knowledge, proficient in talent assessment;
4. Positive and optimistic working attitude, clear logic, rich work enthusiasm, strong communication, resistance to stress and solidarity.

[Job Seven] Expense Accounting (Working Location: Guangzhou)
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Review expense documents and control expenses in accordance with regulations;
2. Statements of apportioned and aggregated expenses;
3. Review cash bank expenditures;
4. Enter the expense voucher; standardize the accounting processing of expense business and carry out expense analysis;
5. Acting for other accounting work.
【job requirements】
1. Finance related majors, college degree or above;
2. More than three years of relevant work experience, familiar with the new accounting system, fiscal and tax regulations;
3. Careful, sharp, organized and responsible, with good professional ethics and communication skills;
4. Have financial software operation experience, skilled in the application of forms and statements.

[Post 8] Shipping Specialist (Working Location: Guangzhou)
【Job Responsibilities】
1. According to business and customer requirements, arrange booking and transportation, handle customs clearance and commodity inspection and other matters;
2. Apply for foreign trade export documents (origin certificate, Pratt & Whitney certificate, embassy certification, etc.) according to business and customer needs;
3. Responsible for the production and management of export-related documents;
4. Responsible for the insurance of export cargo transportation insurance;
5. Responsible for the review, negotiation, and presentation of documents under the L / C.
【job requirements】
1. College degree or above, major in finance or international trade;
2. More than 1 year working experience in export business letter of credit and document export;
3. Familiar with business process operations such as counter consolidation, booking, commodity inspection, customs declaration, etc .; familiar with the operation process of freight forwarding companies;
4. Good English reading and writing, proficient in operating Office software system;
5, work conscientiously, proactive, attentive and able to work under pressure;
6. Have good professional ethics, sense of responsibility and team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and have strong communication and negotiation skills.

[Position Nine] Production Coordinator
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Follow up the printing and dyeing progress of the factory and assist the business department to reach the order;
2. Enter the production progress and system data;
3. Assist in handling daily work within the department.
【job requirements】
1. College degree or above, textile major is preferred, fresh students can also consider;
2. Understand the basic operation of the computer, have a cheerful personality, and be able to withstand greater pressure.

Join us and you will have:
Excellent welfare guarantee:
1. Social security and holidays are relatively complete, and there are 15 days of holidays in spring;
2. Colorful employee activities, landscape and cultural tourism around the country 1-2 times a year.
3. The company organizes internal and external training from time to time;
4. Good promotion system.
Freedom to choose a work place:
The company has branches / subsidiaries in Foshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shaoxing, and Qingdao. Those who meet the conditions after the transfer can be free to choose positions in the cities above according to job vacancies and competence;

If you are interested in the above positions, you can submit your resume through the following methods
1. Worry-free future: http://search.51job.com/list/co,c,2469838,000000,10,1.html
2. Enterprise email: hrjianye@163.com
Guangzhou Branch Contact: Miss Peng Tel: 020-34163369
Resume delivery email: hrjianye@163.com
Address: 24F, Building A2, Zhujiang Light Textile Building, 78 Diejing Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Shaoxing Branch
Contact: Mr. Hu Contact information: 0575-84567323
Email: sales137@raksale.com
Address: Room 1101, Block B, Times Square, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang

Ningbo Branch Contact: Mr. Wu Contact: 0574-87065670
Email: wuqide@jianrunchina.com
Address: B1601-1603, Baoshang Building, No. 787 Baizhang East Road, Ningbo

Contact of Qingdao Branch: Miss Gao Contact: 0532-89095290 / 91
Email: sales11@raksale.com
Address: Room 605, Guangfa Finance Building, No. 40 Shandong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Shanghai branch contact person: Miss Lin Contact information: 021-51035189-8602
Email: sales88@jianrunchina.com
Address: No. 915, Zhenbei Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (Building 9 of Oasis Central Center)

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