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Guangdong Jianye Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Jianye Textile") shall not include any information, content or advertisements of others contained in, via or linked to, downloaded from, or obtained from any services related to Jianye Textile Website. Any information such as publicity (hereinafter collectively referred to as "information") does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of its content. If any unit or individual needs to obtain information, materials, news, product introduction, quotation, etc. through the above-mentioned "information", it must consider its practicability and carefully discriminate the authenticity, Jianye Textile does not provide any quality assurance for the above-mentioned "information". If any unit or individual conducts any transaction or other behavior through the above-mentioned "information", it must be aware of the risk of online transactions and online behaviors, identify the transactions or behaviors in advance and take precautionary measures, otherwise no matter what the reason , Jianye Textiles shall not bear any direct, indirect, incidental or derived losses and liabilities for any transactions and behaviors that do not directly occur with Jianye Textile's website.

1. Except for the service terms specified by Jianye Textile, all other accidents, negligence, contract damage, defamation, copyright or intellectual property rights infringement and losses caused by the use of Jianye Textile's website (including downloading Infected with a computer virus), Jianye Textile is not responsible for any legal liability.

2. Any information, products and services that are linked and obtained through the homepage of Jianye Textile Website are collected by Jianye Textile website through various channels or provided by customers. Jianye Textile is not responsible for its legality. Does not assume any legal responsibility.

3. All content on Jianye Textile's website does not reflect any opinions of Jianye Textile.

4. Jianye Textile respects and protects the personal privacy rights of all users who use Jianye Textile's website, personal information such as user names and email addresses registered by users, and without the user's personal permission or according to the compulsory provisions of relevant laws, Jianye Textile Will not actively disclose to third parties.

5. If any website (customer information) does not want to be indexed by Jianye Textile, you should promptly respond to Jianye Textile, otherwise, Jianye Textile ’s Jianye Textile Network will regard it as an indexable website (customer information).

6. Any unit or individual believes that the content of Jianye Textile's website may be suspected of infringing its legitimate rights and interests. It should promptly provide written feedback to Jianye Textile and provide identity proof, ownership certificate and detailed infringement certificate. Jianye Textile received the above The alleged infringing content will be removed as soon as possible after the legal documents.

Any user who uses Jianye Textile website should read this statement carefully. The user can choose not to use Jianye Textile website, and the user's use of Jianye Textile website will be deemed as the endorsement of the entire content of this statement.

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